Sunday, June 24, 2012

At the Stadium Club

I will admit it, I'm a bit spoiled in the baseball world. Even back in 1979, Mr. Lind took me to the first game of the World Series in Baltimore. It was rained out but we dined on lobster and assorted goodies in the press box. And then came my stay with the Orioles and all-expense trips to Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.

But last night at White Sox Park was delightful. The Stadium Club? Who knew it was there. Mr. Morand took Brady and I into this great place and with no lines and we feasted on a truly great buffet. Not the standard greasy stuff but fresh salmon, rice with duck, pot stickers and tons of fresh vegetables. No one was getting fat.

This fine dining room hides out down the right field line where we watched a homer and some fine defensive plays. And then we ordered this enormous ice cream dish (The Landslide) for the four of us. Coffee ice cream, chocolate ice cream with syrups and candy. Now this was fattening. I'd say 60 calories for each spoonful and 20 spoonfuls is oh, never mind.

It was just the fifth inning when we moved to our real seats. They were all of six rows back of third base. We saw an excellent game and naturally ordered nothing from the vendors. Yes, I'm still spoiled in the baseball world.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

We paid good money for this?

We thought we were cool. We weren't going to settle for Jimmy John's for the early lunch, we were going to a cool barbecue place in West Chicago. And we actually found the place a good 20 minutes before it opened. Fine, we will have our meal and get back in time to watch more baseball. The boys had a football and tossed it around.

The cool barbecue place had electrical problems on a sunny day and the owner came out and apologized. It wasn't opening. Heck, what about us?

The nice guy at the closed cue place told us about a nearby pizza place (not as fun) but when we drove by it was closed. Screw this. We settled for Subway. Actually we could have taken a ride on the New York Subway and got better service than we got. If we weren't so famished, we would have dashed out of this place screaming.

This is what you do when your boy signs on with a traveling baseball team. We got up at 5:30 a.m. for this 1 hour trip. Our team took some lumps. You root for everyone on the team but you live and die with your boy's ups and downs. Please don't have my kid be the goat.

There were games at 8 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. In somewhat better news, we went out for ice cream at a Mexican ice cream joint. Rice water anyone? Actually the boxes said Ashby's so they didn't make it but truthfully the sugar in the pralines ice cream woke me up enough to drive home. Oh, well, let's have a better game next time.