Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be careful or you will break your neck

Those are real comforting signs at X-treme Trampoline in Buffalo Grove. If you jump this way, you will break your neck. If you land that way, your back will be broken. A broken back? That has to be a serious pain. And this is all in the name of fun?

On Saturday, Brady took three of his friends along with Riley, Nolan and I to Buffalo Grove for two hours of tumbling and leaping on trampolines. Of course, I just read the news on my phone as the boys got their exercise. This is the place where you have to sign a waiver before jumping on the mats. Now its true there is a lawyer in this house but I don't think that waiver is worth much if someone actually gets killed over there. They are still going to get sued.

Enough of that legal stuff. No one got banged up. They all had a good time. I watched Nolan play dodge ball on the trampoline. He told me later how he had made a nice play against two older kids.

I wonder if they had such a place like this when I was young. I probably wouldn't go as I'm not the jumping type.


  1. Tom was there last night too with a couple other boys from baseball and proclaimed " I know what I'm doing next Saturday night!" I was conflicted!
    As a parent, I was a nervous wreck, as a thrill seeker, I was wishing I was out there doing flips!

  2. I wanna watch that trampoline basketball game! It's crazy--but I think it would ruin someone's hops if they somehow overlooked their step and tried to sky for a shot and instead had landed on the hardwood instead of the trampoline.