Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Old Friends

We headed to a cool bar in Milwaukee this time around. Dave and I rode up from Illinois and Dan drove down from far off Wisconsin. We took a $30 cab drive to the Sugar Maple. That's one major priority; we must find a great beer place. I think we stopped with 5 beers each.
I met Dan Marcus at the University of Maryland back in college days. We wrote letters one summer (before email) and took two long trips out West and one to Canada. He was the best man at my first wedding. Dave has been detailed in this blog before but he was the best man in my second wedding.
Cheers to our wives (Eileen, Debbie and Pat) who allow us to escape a few weekends a year in search of great thoughts. Of course heavy drinking is expected.
My favorite trip so far was to Chicago. We rode with an Ethiopian cab driver to a bar called the Hop Leaf. We found some wondrous beers that night and actually ate quite well. The same cab driver delivered us safely to the hotel. I had brought some great cognac to finish the night and that's the last thing I recall. I did wake up the next morning (a miracle) and was searching for my phone. Dave decided to call his phone to find mine. But he ended up calling me on my own phone. Yes, we were disoriented. Oh, well.
The big thought? Hold on to your old friends.

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