Friday, July 16, 2010

Old Friends Part II

Another episode of friends for life. I first saw Joel walking down the hallways of the dark and gloomy Voice of America in DC. He would change my life in many ways. Ended up living in his rental house in Georgetown. And that's where I spotted the H-Man walking on Whitehaven Parkway. Why do you latch onto some folks for the rest of their lives and others come and go? These two guys and families are welcome at our house forever. Made both of Joel's weddings (DC and Rhode Island) and none of H-Man's (never married, hence the blog).
They are just fun people who are never boring. Good-hearted people with interesting paths of life. H-Man manages to get to Chicago a few times a year and I pick him up at the airport and we head Downtown. Joel seems stuck in DC but he's in good hands with Antonia.

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