Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Friends Part III (final)

Ignore the guy on the left; he vomited at my first wedding. And Crazy Tommy, second from right, found drugs and alcohol more interesting than real life. So please focus on Mark and Eddie. I met Mark in my psychology class at Laurel High School. And when I was riding my bike to Mark's house for the first time, I was helped with directions from Eddie. And Eddie was going to the same place. Mark, Eddie and I were key players in the pie throwing incident that nailed Phillip Murphy.
Mark loved baseball, the Stooges, goofy stuff, the House of Lui and Ledo's Pizza. We hung out forever until he found a girl friend and then a wife. I won't comment on what I thought of his first wife but he got it right the second time and Connie is terrific.
Eddie was a good athlete who was more sensible than the rest of us. Smart and funny. He dated Ann forever in a long distance relationship and then married her and still lives with her and the kids on Long Island. I called Eddie a week back (still refuses to use a cell phone) and it's like we've never been apart. The three of us had many adventures together and having good friends like this makes the world make more sense.

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