Thursday, February 3, 2011

Instead of a warm bed, I chose to die

All this snow reminds me of the time I made a poor choice. It was back in the Orioles days. We had taken a trip to Pennsylvania for an Orioles caravan. I was just there as a sales rep but it might have been the time the late Cal Ripken Sr. drove us around. It was winter and it began to snow. Once we got back to the Maryland suburbs, the weather had turned for the worse.
So fellow sales rep, Mike, volunteered to have to me stay at his house rather than drive that night back to DC. Personally, I didn't like the guy. So, I politely turned down his kind offer. I reached the Baltimore city limit and then the lightning began. I was in a major storm. Next up was a complete white-out. I could not see a thing. Think of a blind man driving. I slowed down to 5 miles per hour on a major highway and creeped forward thinking I could hit or be hit at any moment. After a minute or so I could see again.
By all rights, I should have died that night. All because I didn't want to sleep over someone's house who I didn't respect. Well, at least I held on to my principles.


  1. what kind of a though is this?
    Choose to die or sleep with some guy?
    Well maybe you got it right afterall

  2. Bill, you can technically pull the cars into the garage. I'm just sayin'

  3. Must be SOMETHING extra about East Coast winters that can't quite be put into words!