Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something cold on a very cold day

Tvan,now resting comfortably in the Arizona heat, sent me this photo of my favorite dessert spot. It's now part of history. My ex-sister in-law Patty, took me to Leon's for the first time after a trip to the Milwaukee zoo in the early 90s.
I even wrote about this custard place in a column. President Clinton visited once. It's a great place.
It's now part of tradition. Pack the car with fine brews. Head for Milwaukee, usually on a Wednesday night. We drink in the lot. And then the ball game. And then off to Leon's. It's a must.

So here's a quick list from over the years in no particular order.
1. Johnny, a sportswriter, orders and then goes around the corner to consume his ice cream. He once asked me if we just wanted to drive to Leon's and forget baseball.
2. Marty M, a sportswriter, breaks with tradition, and orders a 3-dip cone. I took that as a challenge and did that, too. I'm guessing that's just an extra 400 calories.
3. Poor TJ. He got caught up in nasty and hot wind. It melted the chocolate in a blink of an eye. It was quite a sight as much of his custard was on the ground.
4. Dave was disappointed not to see any restrooms at Leon's. So, he excused himself and found a spot in the back of the establishment. He says that's not a crime in Milwaukee.
5. Duffy punishes me for vomiting at the park and does not allow me to eat Leon's. Granted it was my fault. It was back in my no beer drinking days. I guess I had too many margaritas. He was right of course, that would be too much sugar.
6. Butter peken anyone? They speak funny up there. But the chocolate is wonderful. Even the vanilla screams with flavor. I don't care for nuts in my ice cream so I don't order the butter pecan.
7. It's cheap. Granted it's gone up the last few years. But we are still talking less than a buck for a scoop of perfect cream and eggs.
8. How many times have we headed back to car because it's too cold to eat outside. It is Wisconsin.
Let's do a few Brewers outings this summer. I will blog all the great stories from those trips. Like Captain Bob's great stories and the story of how Dave and I tricked a cop. And that crazy car wreck with the racing dog.


  1. Very Nice! What's the flavor of the Day?
    With it being -9' in Milwaukee today...
    Their sign should read:
    "VERY Frozen Custard" !

  2. Am not a fan of the frozen egg custard. Give me frozen TCBY yogurt any day.

  3. It scares them in the south and California when they discover people here eat ice-cream in the winter.

    Ken Patchen