Monday, September 19, 2011

On Madison

It's fun to plan these trips. There is Dan, Dave and I working on a place to meet in the Midwest and then coming up with a date that works for the three of us. The right place was Madison, Wisconsin. What a great place. We met at a hotel and then took a cab ride to the Old Fashioned. Oh, my gosh. They sell nothing but great Wisconsin beers. Now this is living.
I did learn a lesson in basic hamburger. I always order it medium. Dan said medium rare. That's a much better idea. So after our fine meal and libations, we walked for awhile. We came upon the Great Dane where we had visited the last time. Had one more brew and found a cool tee-shirt to run around in. Now how many beers was that? Oh, that's right these are great beers so there are no limit on them. We took the same cab back. What were those stories from the lady cab driver? Oh, that's right, she was jealous of her sister who cheated on her husband with her husband's boss. Give the sister credit though as she got the boss to marry her with her four kids. And only then did the driver admit to having five kids of her own and of course her husband was a dirt ball.
Oh, well, Madison is highly recommended. Maybe the true highlight was sitting around in the morning telling funny stories. No alcohol needed for that.
Dave and I are always in a search for the Big Thought. And that's a very big one. Find friends you can hang out for your whole life.

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