Thursday, April 12, 2012

Worst City in America?

But what about the clock tower? And the cool minor league baseball stadium if you can ever find it.

I was living in Chicago when Mobil Magazine (is that magazine still cooking?) gave Rockford, Illinois the title, ''worst city in the United States" tag. Wow! How about Newark New Jersey or Apopka, Florida? There has to be worse places, I thought. My friends and I drove through a neighborhood in Apopka a good 30 years ago and we never uttered a word. It was so poverty stricken we thought we had detoured off onto another planet.

Anyway, Brady's team had a tourney in Rockford this weekend and heck it wasn't so bad. It had some top 40 restaurants but I guess that's anywhere USA. What really bugged me was finding the home of the minor league team where Brady's team would be lucky enough to play.

My directions said turn left off of 90 and find it. And then at the exit, we saw a sign saying turn right. So, I followed the sign. And drove and drove and drove. I think we must have driven five miles. How in the heck do you hide a professional baseball field anyway? Well, these folks did.

Evidently, it was all of walking distance off the highway. I know they were pinching pennies in the Rockford government but all I asked was to see one more sign. Like, TURN LEFT HERE TO BASEBALL PARK. I would have gladly checked in with 10 bucks for that sign since I used $15 dollars of gas money driving through town looking for the place. I did hear folks saying I missed the run down section of Rockford but I guess that's a good thing.


  1. I lived in Rockford (college, employment) and I married a wonderful woman from that area. Rockford is no way near the worst city in this country. It has marvelous areas, and, yes, it has problem areas. Yes, it does have tough public issues, but they are hampered in their problem solving because there are so many Republicans around who have citizenship privileges. Rockford is nice. Kenneth Patchen, Antioch

  2. Kenneth,

    The tough public issues are the democrats.

    Republicans will continue to work hard to finance democrats - don't worry!

    You couldn't pay me to live in Rockford! Good article Bill!

  3. Ken,

    Rockford, Gary, Antioch......why bring politics into it?????