Friday, December 10, 2010

With 25 $100 bills in my pocket

Great Grandma lived to be 101 years old. She was in great shape until near the end. Anyway, she left me some cash. Of course I saved some but I did want some really good speakers for the shrine. So, I did my research. After some time, I found Soliloquy speakers in North Carolina. So, I googled them to see where they were in the Chicago area. It was Evanston. Not a bad ride for me. I grabbed one CD from my collection, the Spoons singing "Nova Heart." I also looked at the prices. The speakers were listed at 4 grand but they had some used ones. I grabbed my collection of $100 bills (25) and headed over there. Yes, I was a great target for a robbery. But I found a decent parking spot and went into the store. I had my cash and CD ready. They set me up with some $1,700 speakers and I wasn't pleased. I wanted my Soliloquy's. They said they had two pair. They brought in the large ones you see here. I loved them. I told them my tale. I wasn't concerned with tax. But I would not pay one cent more than $2,500. They sad yes. But were stunned when I emptied my pockets on their table. Did I just rob a bank they must have wondered. Of course, I didn't go home with the speakers. Some guy brought them out and set them up in the shrine. Sorry, I didn't tip him. I was stone broke. A good seven years later, they still sound great.

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  1. for the price, and quality of sound, you scored! I had a simular story but with a pair of cerwin vegas DX-9s I got from goodwill for 40.00. the they sell on ebay for about 600.00!