Monday, May 9, 2011

On Hate Mail

And what was awaiting me when some nut case cut and pasted one of my articles?
Here it is:

Seriously if you were any more of an arrogant dick to people you'd be blocking out the sun with your schlong sized big headedness. The worst part is you are offensive and not even subtle about it to people. Oh look at me I used to work for the Baltimore Orioles...who gives a crap seriously? And now you aren't it was like decades ago according to your profile and you brag about it like it was two days ago and act like you are doing kids some huge favor by gracing them with your presence. You must think people are really stupid. People are on to you. Next time someone gives you an uncomfortable laugh when you are talking to them it isnt because they are laughing with you it is because you creep them out.

Of course I didn't reply angrily. But reading it again there is clearly some interesting observations. Let's be honest, I am still proud that I worked for the Baltimore Orioles. Yes, that job had its ups and downs but it helped me grow up a little.
How about that last sentence? "someone gives you an uncomfortable laugh." Do people really laugh when someone is creeping them out?
The good news here is this really didn't bother me. I suppose that's a sign of getting older. It's important to gain a thicker skin as we move on in life. But the question does come up. Why would someone send a letter like that? Why on earth would you be so mad at a stranger? It's still an odd planet we live on.

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  1. That and... isn't "schlong sized big headedness" an oxymoron?