Saturday, August 13, 2011


What's not to like in Minneapolis. The weather was perfect. I love the GPS. It's not perfect but it took us places and we didn't have to worry about getting lost.
It was vacation time starring two Minnesota Twins games. The boys had a chance to run the bases after the White Sox beat the Twins. They faked making catches at the wall and took a lap around the bases. Who knew that we would have tickets in the last row? Oh, well, we saw plenty.
I had a list of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It would have taken us almost a month to see all those spots. We did get to try Psycho Susie's. Is it my imagination but are more and more people getting tattoos? They are all over the place. Oh, there was fried snickers and funky pizzas on the menu. Eileen tried a barbecue sauce and onion pizza and one slice was plenty. I did find an amazing beer there from a local brewer. I again used the GPS to find a really cool liquor store. I didn't see the beer on the shelves so I asked a clerk about it. They were hiding it in the back of the store. They had a case left but I wasn't that ambitious. A nice kid (over 21) behind asked me if I was going to take the entire case. I told him my wife wouldn't approve. I grabbed two four-packs and watched as he grabbed the other two.
Oh, at the Mall of America, we ran into a Lake Zurich family. Now that was fun. At the Water Park of America in Bloomington, we watched our boys try surfing. They designed a fake surfing site where if you screw up it really throws you back and off the board.
We would go back to Minneapolis. What a fun time. We also tried Sebastian Joe's ice cream. It rated four stars.

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  1. You mean the Minneapolis in winter? Is there really an underground city below the city itself? (I know the NY subway has something like this in Manhattan, but it's only stores.)