Friday, November 18, 2011

Piels gives you piles

I hope this isn't slander. But for some reason, I recall the statement, Piels gives you piles from college. It had to be uttered by Crazy Tommy or Mark. Even a certifiable beer snob like myself began drinking cheap beer to start with. I had no money so cheap beer was the way to go.
The first beer was the cool taste of Schlitz beer. And then Miller and Old Style. I moved quickly on to foreign brews.
I can't recall if I ever tried Piels. Of course now, I wouldn't go within 20 feet of it. But that didn't stop me from buying this Piels glass that I spotted today. I couldn't wait and poured a Spotted Cow from New Glarus into the Piels glass and drank it down easily. Hmm, it wasn't even 4:00 yet. No matter.
Why buy a punk beer glass to drink fine ales out of? Will this make me bring home Miller and Bud glasses? Nah, it's just Piels. Piels gives you piles after all. What the heck does that mean?

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  1. Piels? My first beer at 11 years old was Carling Black Label; my father drank that brand (back then). Hey, I remember Rheingold and their NY Yankee sponsorship during the early '60s!! I knew a guy who said he was weaned on Budweiser, and I used to call Pabst Blue Ribbon by the monicker of "lawnmower beer" because it could be consumed all day while cutting grass without feeling anything except the need to pee.
    I wouldn't touch anything less than a good import like Warsteiner or even Corona now--except maybe Alaskan Amber, sold in COSTCO.