Friday, November 4, 2011

I told you I was sick

I first heard the expression, "I told you I was sick" at Harper College. The head football coach John Eliasik, gave me the slogan for a gravesite and it really stuck in my head. Can you imagine putting that on a grave? The guilt of the remaining family would be incredible. Gosh, was he really that sick? And he must have had such a grudge not to put his name on the grave.

Wait, I really wanted to tell my favorite Eliasik story here. Recall, I'm from DC where egos are really out of control. Well, coach Eliasik had a giant-sized ego but he was fun.

So I pull into his office as sports information director (1989-1998). I was there to interview him for a press release. Football was kind of fun to cover at Harper because there were good players and the coach was crazy.

So then phone rang. I sat down. Eliasik answered and here it goes.

"What you are quitting,'' he asked the person on the phone.
"Well this is what I want you to do. Do you have a mirror in your house? I want you to go to the mirror and tell yourself five times, that you don't have the guts to be a football player. And then come back and talk to me."

Yeah, right, I'll do that and then drown myself in the bath tub, you nut case. Oh, that's what I would say.

How many curse words did I count during my time covering this coach? Let's go with 12,245.

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  1. A grave site gave you an idea for a story?
    Me too: while passing by Villanova University, my (ex) wife and I noticed a cemetery.
    She and I are both Rutgers graduates, and she asked me, "How come Villanova has a cemetery and Rutgers doesn't?"
    I replied, "Rutgers students graduate on time."