Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He was my camp counselor

The guy in the White Sox uniform was my camp counselor when I was young. Tom Bradley, not the LA mayor, was my brother's friend in high school in Falls Church, VA. I remember hanging out with him for time to time. He was a nice guy. Now as a young kid, I got to watch him pitch for the high school team. He wore specs and wasn't bad. But he was no Buster Ellis, who was the team ace on the Falls Church pitching staff.
Of course when my brother headed to Missouri for his education, Bradley went to the University of Maryland.
Bradley, the second-best pitcher on his high school team, won 55 Major League games pitching for the White Sox, Angels and Giants. That's 55 games. He had back to back 15-win seasons for the White Sox (1971 and 72).
And then I read how he returned to Maryland to coach baseball. That's where I got my degree from. By the end of the 1999 season, he had racked up 650 wins as the coach of the Terps.
All from the second-best pitcher on his high school team.

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