Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thank You Stub Hub

I know a few thing about ticket sales. I even got a 20 dollar tip in the Orioles store around 1986. But did we ever think we could choose our tickets at home and then print them?
I used Stub Hub to buy Redskins-Bears and Patriots-Bears tickets in the fall. And again to buy tickets for our August trip to Minnesota.
I hadn't really thought about it for Brewers games. That is against tradition. It was always about the fine ales in the parking lot and then stumble towards the ticket booth. But I did track five tickets on stub hub for Wednesday's day game. Heck, it said six dollars and change in the upper deck. Tim V was looking for a senior discount but six bucks was still better than that. So, I opted for those tickets. Even adding the service charge it was less than 9 bucks. Plus, I just printed them at home.
We were still late for the game as we missed a leadoff homer by Arizona. But it was another fine day riding up in Captain Bob's Cadillac. Sure, we found Leon's on the way home. And being a day game, I got home at 6:30.
Tim reported I snoozed on the way home but that's what drinking in the afternoon will do for you.

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