Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Aunt Judy story

How old is this story? Oh, never mind. It's Aunt Judy now living in Florida who is holding up young Brady. She recently celebrated a birthday.
So let's go back to her little apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Aunt Judy is my mom's only sister. We used to visit her from time to time from our house in Virginia. One time, she held a heck of a party. Invited everyone possible. And it was a two bedroom apartment.
I was a young teenager at the time and watched folks run into each other at this party. For some reason, I followed some man as he carried a plate of chow mein to find a spot to eat it. He had a heck of a time dodging folks. Finally he settled in back of a sofa. And then he was hit again.
This time, the chow mein flew off his plate and landed square on the shoulder of an older woman sitting on the sofa.
And she didn't notice anything.
She kept on running her mouth and never notice the entree on her dress. I was howling by this time and called my older brother to watch the activities. The man himself was in shock. He couldn't believe what had happened to his meal. I was practically crying by this time. He was looking around to see if anyone was watching. And then, get this, he took out his fork carefully and started to pick off the chow mein off her dress. She still didn't notice a thing.
I have the movie rights in my head so don't run away with this story, please.

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  1. I wrote several chapters about my mother's mother, who had a goldfish pond in her living room adorned with a waterfall built from rocks from the Dover cliffs in England.