Friday, January 14, 2011

Terror at Mountain Lake Camp

Marie got me thinking back. She's sending her only children to far away Minnesota for French camp. She noted on her blog that she never went to camp.
Yeah, well that didn't happen with me. I went a few times. Now in my day, I was a very good fielder and a weak hitter in baseball. But at Mountain Lake Camp in West Virginia, I was a baseball star. The kids there were awful players and me the non-pitcher just blew them away.
That was the good news. Some of the guys in the camp decided to broadcast a fake game and we kept on taking turns. I took the fake microphone out a kid's hand and the sadistic camp counselor caught me. He said this kid and I would have a fist fight later in the day in front of the camp. That would be followed by the counselor fighting me.
Does that sound fair? Of course I was petrified. Later in the day, I found the kid I was supposed to fight. He wasn't mad at me. So we agreed not to hit each other when the fight came up. And then the creepy counselor said the camp wouldn't allow it.
Finally it was time for the camp picture. I posed like everyone. And then all hell broke loose. The woman who ran the camp screamed a curse word and came charging at me. Oh, my God. She grabbed the kid next to me and pulled him out of line. She then kicked him in the ass as hard as she could. I wondered if I was in some sort of a mental institution. I saw the photo later and the kid had made a crazy face.
Remember these stories Marie when its time to drop your kids at camp far, far away from home.

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  1. What am I now, your special guest blog correspondent?

    You should have stopped at "West Virginia." We can all imagine the rest. Was Camp Witch Mountain full?