Sunday, January 2, 2011

To Twitter is to what?

I was happy emailing, texting and blogging. But resisted tweeting. What is all this about? I'm tweeting now. On my twitter account comes ESPN, Epicurion, Huffington Post, Hardball Talk, All About Beer, Magic Hat, Dan Connelly Sun, Barack O'Bama (yes, the President of the United States), G DeLaurentis (fine cook and drop dead gorgeous), Drink Craft Beer (great!), Beer Advocate, Dogfish Beer (super micro brewery in Delaware), Chuck Todd (MSNBC), Camden Crazies (Orioles stuff), Boulder Beer, BFlay (love the Throwdowns on Food Network) and Imbibe.

Oh, me? Writing Sports. While the President discusses foreign policy, I go on about my favorite salad dressing (Garlic Expressions), a number of girls basketball tweets, my fried chicken recipe, Orioles thoughts, and some favorite beers and food magazines. Does the world really care about that? Do I have to have some standards? There are three folks following me. Why?
It is kind of fun though.

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  1. Welcome to the world of "tweeting." I have yet to join.